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The Dayton Experience may look like other books, but it’s not meant to read that way. It began its life as a hyperbook, formed organically in a new hypertext writing platform created by Ward Cunningham.


The printed book is a reconstruction of that book in a traditional format. Obviously, we were not able to have hyperlinks in the printed version, so you will see bold typed words and phrases that are footnoted with the page number where you can flip to, if you like, as a surrogate for a hyperlink experience.


There are three main elements of the book: The Story, The Garden, and The Path. The Story tells the tale of a journey, introducing different concepts along the way. These concepts can be further explored in The Garden. The Path provides a framework for your own journey of transformation. 


You can read this book many different ways. One is to read The Story straight through, noting concepts you find intriguing. Then, at the end, you can head into The Garden to further explore these concepts. Another approach, for those less patient, is to immediately follow your curiosity into The Garden, returning back to The Story when you are sated. 


In other words, this book does not start in one place and end in another. It has many paths to travel however you see fit, exactly as you would navigate through a website. You will arrive not at the words The End, but – one hopes – a new understanding of what education needs to look like if we are to compete and thrive in this new world of ours.


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