Beyond Education

Updated: Jan 28

The other day, someone asked Jami if our book was only for educators. She told them it wasn't – that this story is much bigger than just schools. It is about how we create with one another – how new creative potential is unleashed.

As she shared this story, I thought back to a conversation we had with Tyler, one of our first readers. Tyler is a school administrator. What excited him about the book was not only that it seemed to mirror how his mind worked but that it was something that he could share with his wife, who managed a family business. The ideas, he sensed, would be as relevant to her as they were for him, as she sought to drive innovation in her company.

Agile began as a movement to unleash new creative potential for software development. It then began to fundamentally reshape how companies are being managed. The Dayton Experiment was an experiment to see if that culture might help us reimagine how we educate – how we might transform rigid education institutions into dynamic learning organisms.

But as educators begin to embrace the Agile Mindset, we suspect that new insights will begin to flow in the opposite direction, back to companies and, indeed, back to software developers. We are already seeing that happen. Tyler's comment was only the first of many we have heard.


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