Fast out of the Gate

Wow, that was a surprise. Mention the book to a few folks and watch what happens. We just published the book and are waiting to get our first copies. Excited by this dream coming true, we mentioned the release to a few of our peeps. They got so excited, they shared it with their peeps. And then we turn around and find out the the book is the #1 new release in three categories at Amazon:

  • Educational Philosophy

  • Experimental Education Methods

  • Philosophy and Social Aspects of Education

Just like that.

What just happened?

We wrote the book to honor a courageous journey by a dedicated community of educators in a small rural community. Those that dared to change the world.

They know that this journey is far from over – it is just beginning. And they are all excited to be a part of it. The impact of their courage is just beginning to be felt.


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