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Impacting the World

Five years ago we had a dream. Sitting around a table with adults and students one day we began to talk about what it could be. Our aspiration was to reimagine the educational experience for our students at Dayton. One that would release the creative genius of each and every student. Equity on steroids. One that would show that our students, even though they were from a small rural community, were brilliant.

As we discussed our aspiration, one student asked, “What if we could impact our county?” And another chimed in, “Our state?” And then another, “Even the world?”

After hearing about our experiment, last April twenty-three administrators from Australia came to visit Dayton. We put them through an activity called In & Out Demo, to allow them to experience the brilliance of the students for themselves. They were amazed and excited to bring this movement back to their country.

Today we had our first international sale – to a reader in Germany. And we suspect that this is just the first of many.

From the very beginning, Dayton's students realized that we were doing something special that had the potential for a global impact. We are now beginning to believe them.

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