Spin-up Fast

Updated: Mar 25

A group of educators and industry professionals have been meeting monthly in McMinnville for over a year as an Innovate meet-up. These meetings haven't been focused on any objective but just to connect and share with each other. We have learned to listen deeply and empathetically to each other. We trust each other.

But there was no "doing" as part of the agenda. We were just connecting more deeply as the months progressed.

Last Monday we met virtually for the first time through a zoom meeting. Given the chaos of school closures, our meeting together now had a clear purpose: How might we turn this current situation into a learning experience that might profoundly impact our schools, opening the door to a new understanding and new opportunities to unleash Creative Genius?

We sketched out an intention as we walked into this next experiment: To become more fully realized as human beings through the creative expression of our collective genius.

The meeting was astonishing. It felt like gas being poured on a fire. We spun up fast because there was shared courage and shared trust. Together, we are walking into the unknown, being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

Our first experiment is to pilot remote learning using the framework of The Dayton Practice.


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