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What a ride so far...

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

It's hard to believe that it was only six months ago that we launched the DIG framework. Designed InGenuity is the formal name, but something we now mostly just call DIG – a learning framework for the creative mind.

This learning framework emerged in a moment when our life was turned upside down by covid. Schools closed, restaurants closed, we were all asked to stay inside, protected as best we could, from the unknown of this pandemic.

It was at that moment that a group of educators got together on Zoom and did an experiment. What if we were to live that which we had seen in Jenny's classroom at Dayton, something we called 'The Dayton Practice' in our book The Dayton Experiment. She would be our teacher for a week and guide us through this experience of learning in a new way.

That experience profoundly impacted all of us and it was from that experience that we quickly created the Design Ingenuity to be able to share it with educators across the world.

In the last six months, over 200 educators have gone through a DIG. For each, the impact has been as profound as for those of us who did it in that original experiment.

This experience is changing how educators are thinking about learning as it has allowed them to reconnect with the joy of learning in ways that reminds them of the reason that they became teachers in the first place. As they awaken their wonder, they become recommitted to awaken wonder in their students.

In the days ahead we are going to begin to share the stories of where this journey is leading these courageous educators as they walk into the unknown, guided by curiosity, seeking surprise, and finding joy.

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Melien Lavoie
Melien Lavoie

Oh wow this is beautiful! I am looking forward to un-pack it in detail! I love your hearty words with so much meaning! Literally DIG'ging out a learning, finding the cracks, getting to know your pod, claiming your plot and sharing the harvest! So much intention in your words! I found you by going down a rabbit hole and I am so thankful!

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