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The Time is Now. The Book is Here.

The Dayton Experiment documents a transformation – how a small school district in rural Oregon created a new learning culture that sought to unleash the creative genius in each student, empowering them to be the makers and creators of tomorrow.


How it began...

It started as an experiment. 


What might happen if you modeled the educational experience after the learning culture of fast-growing technology companies?


In 2015, under the banner of Innovate Oregon, Jami and Thompson embarked on an adventure in Dayton Oregon, a rural community in Yamhill County. The experiment blossomed beyond anyone’s expectations. In four years, Dayton’s graduation rate increased 14% to 97%, one of the highest in the state – 18% above the state average. Dayton’s teachers began working with industry partners to pioneer new programs for other schools.

And Dayton is becoming an inspirational model for other districts around the state and beyond.

It’s a story worth telling.

Recent Thoughts

The experiment continues as we work with others to reimagine learning experiences throughout our state, the country, and around the world. Please become a part of the conversation!

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